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Jeff Recommends Mike Sherman

“I was facing 2 DUI's within a 3 year time period. Attorney Michael Sherman along with his office staff are a team of professional, knowledgeable and skilled experts. With my first one that Attorney Sherman assisted me with he proved to be the cutting edge in DUI defense, we hired an expert to defend the blood results for BAC, we won the case in court and had everything dropped to a favorable outcome. The 2nd DUI was a much different story that I knew to be false, with myself facing this charge my life was in jeopardy along my job and everything else that I worked so hard for; so I turned to Mike once again after everything with the first was settled and put behind me. I trusted Mike so much with his previous experience that I knew he would get me the results I asked for, during the 9 month period that it went on for Mike requested the discovery of the police video, breathe and blood tests. He filed a motion solely due to the commonwealth not having enough evidence to convict me and that everything after the traffic stop was of an illegal nature. The officers affidavit of probable cause did not match what we saw on the video and the video proved to be in our defense along with other flaws, Mike and I went to court knowing what the outcome could be, once the court received our written motion the Judge and DA dropped and dismissed all charges. I was more than thrilled of the outcome. Everything that I had asked of Mr. Sherman was met with professionalism and in the end he got me the result I wanted in both cases that I hired him for. He gave me a clean slate at a fresh beginning with no black marks. I consider Mike a true friend. He is very honest and will tell you straight forward how he thinks your case will go, he and his office staff will keep you informed every step of the way from start to finish. If you are looking for a honest, trustworthy attorney who will work for you and get you the best result in DUI defense, look no further than Mike Sherman Law. Well done!”

– Jeff

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