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David Recommends Mike Sherman

“Getting my 2nd DUI charge was definitely a sadtime in my Life. Especially coming only after a year from my last one. Only thing I could think about was losing my Job, not having my drivers license, and what people would think of me. I was so depressed. So I did what anyone would do and that was find the perfect lawyer for me and my case. After looking around I found Attorney Michael Sherman. Someone that taught classes on DUIs, wrote books on DUIs and is rated PRO here on Avvo by his peers. Let me just say, they are right. He is a pro. What better Attorney could you have then having someone that wrote the BOOK! Being a Army Combat Veteran Michael took me under his wing. He knew all the questions to ask and key points to bring up in my case. He even Had the arresting authority shaking in his seat when he was throwing questions at him about the integrity of my pull over. I remember the cop saying inside my preliminary hearing to Mr. Sherman, “you really know what your talking about”, I knew then I chosen the right Lawyer. As my case went on Mr. Sherman found flaws in the officers statement and dashcam videos suggesting the cop had no probable cause to pull me over. He was right , Mr. Sherman found evidence that other attorneys might have missed, and if he would have missed those key facts I could be sitting here on house arrest with a 1 year suspension on my Drivers License and no job. But that's not the case. After a few months of court dates and deliberation the court and the district attorney agreed to Drop my charge. All thanks to Mr. Sherman and his law firm!! I never felt so happy And relieved in my life! I couldnt believe I walking out of that court room with no DUI charge! I bet the judge was even thinking how this happen haha. Putting my trust in Attorney Michael Sherman was the best thing I could have done. And I mean it when I say “He's worth every penny!” When the future of your near life is in jeopardy money means nothing when choosing the right Attorney. Michael Sherman is that RIGHT attorney for any DUI case and I will always refer people to him and his law firm. I am so thankful to have chosen Attorney Michael Sherman and his Law firm. Without them I wouldnt be where I'm at today. I Still got my Job and my Drivers License! Very Happy Veteran! Thank You Attorney Michael Sherman for all that you done for me! You really do give back to America's military and its veterans. Thank you!”

– David

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