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Questions to Ask your Prospective DUI Attorney Mike Sherman Other Lawyer
Are you a former Pennsylvania State Police Attorney who knows both sides of the law? X
Do you use a scientific method to investigate cases and attack the Commonwealth's evidence based on forensic science? X
Have you written any books covering all areas of Pennsylvania DUI law? X
Have you lectured to other attorneys on topics relating to DUI law? X
Are you certified in the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHSTSA) field sobriety test protocols? X
Is almost 100% of your practice devoted to DUI defense? X
Have you attended the prestigious National College for DUI Defense summer session at Harvard Law School? X
Have you attended the 5-day ACS Forensic Chromatography: Theory and Practice blood testing course at Axion Analytical Laboratories, Inc. in
Chicago, IL?
Do you have a library of the best and most comprehensive DUI text books
and resources worth over S6,000.00?
Have you attended the annual National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers National DUI defense seminar held in Las Vegas? X
Have you attended the National Mastering Scientific Evidence in DUI cases Seminar? X


Because He Can Answer “YES” to Every One of the Above Questions!

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