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“I was facing a 2nd DUI offense, highest tier. As a prominent businessman in a small south central Pennsylvania community, a conviction on this offense would have been devastating to my career. I, immediately, did an intensive Internet search for DUI attorneys. Several names showed up but one name stood out: Mike Sherman Law. I called and, initially, discussed my case with Mike McFarland, Mr. Sherman's extremely capable associate. Mr. McFarland listened intently to my story and indicated that they could help. My preliminary hearing was scheduled but at this point I was still unaware what my BAC was. At the preliminary hearing, I was told it was .178. I knew that there was something terribly wrong with the reading. Mr. Sherman indicated that I had two options: Plea and receive a reduced sentence or go to trial and use an expert witness to challenge the reading. After a lot of thought, I chose to go to trial.

Mr. McFarland and Mr. Sherman, immediately went to work. Retaining one of the premier lab audit experts in the country, retaining the services of a board-certified emergency medicine physician, obtaining background information on the police officer (DUI training, number of DUI arrests, etc.), filing motions to suppress the blood alcohol evidence which the state was using against me. It was as Mr. Sherman stated it would be, “an uphill climb all the way”.

After 3 long and tense hours of arguing, cross-examining and presenting evidence, I heard the words “Not Guilty”. Mr. McFarland's and Mr. Sherman's preparation and skill in the court room made all the difference. The experts who they retained were leaders in their respective fields and their fees were extremely reasonable. If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine and you want the best possible outcome, then there really is only one name you need to know: Mike Sherman Law.”

– Mike

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