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Lawyer Endorsements

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Kim Riester, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I have sent Mike many DUI referrals in the past. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients and wrote the book on DUI.”

Raymond Conlon, Car Accident Attorney

“I endorse this attorney. His diligence and professionalism are well-known and his effort to secure the best possible outcome for his clients is second to none.”

Sean Quinlan, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Douglas Borthwick, Family Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Renee Mielnicki

“I endorse this lawyer. Michael Sherman is the best DUI/DWI lawyer that I know. It's just that basic. I have seen Attorney Sherman in action. I have watched him do a trial. He is easily the best DUI/DWI lawyer that I know. I cannot imagine there is anyone better.”

Robert Mielnicki, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Not too many people can say they wrote the book on DUI, but Michael has in fact done so. Michael has been a valuable source and mentor to many in the legal community. Some say that you can either teach or do. Well Michael has consistently demonstrated that he can not only teach fellow attorneys he can successfully defend those wrongfully accused in criminal court.”

Steven Townsend, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Michael Sherman is a skilled advocate and is constantly working to increase his knowledge and skill set for his clients.”

Valarie Potell, Litigation Attorney

“I'm an appellate lawyer. This means I am only able to work with what the lawyer before me did. Luckily, I've had the benefit of a Mike Sherman record. He tells a compelling story, makes spot-on objections, and knows the law. Mike is a fighter, and he does it with integrity. He won't brag about past results out of respect for jurors, judges, opposing counsel, and his clients. If someone I know unfortunately faces a DUI in Pittsburgh, I recommend Mike Sherman.”

Theodore Tanski, Appeals Attorney

“Mr. Sherman is an outstanding attorney who provides exemplary advice on Avvo. I would recommend everyone and anyone to him for representation. Even though I have been practicing fo 24 years, as a judge, magistrate, prosecutors, and in private practice, I learn valuable new information from him every day. A superb attorney.”

Christopher Leroi, Mediation Attorney

“I met Mike at the National College for DUI Defense summer session presented at Harvard University. Mike is a dedicated DUI defense attorney who possesses strong courtroom skills that will give you the best chance for success in the courtroom.”

Elliott Wilcox, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Michael Sherman exemplifies what a DUI defense lawyer should be. Mr. Sherman is knowledgeable in all areas of DUI law. Mr. Sherman has extensive trial experience fighting DUI charges. Mr. Sherman continually educates himself concerning the various aspects of DUI investigations. Finally, Mr. Sherman values his clients. I endorse this lawyer.”

Kevin Leckerman, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I have attended numerous continuing legal education with Mike. Mike is an exceptional lawyer who, importantly, concentrates on making himself a better lawyer. I highly recommend this lawyer and would do so to my friends and family. If you have a DUI charge in Pittsburgh, do yourself a favor and hire this lawyer.”

Richard Holcomb, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I know Michael S. Sherman through our mutual association in the National College for DUI/DWI DefenseI where I have had opportunity to witness his demonstration of trial techniques. He is a skillful cross-examiner and delivers a brilliant closing statement. He has the skill, ability, passion and dedication necessary to represent persons accused of drunk driving and like offenses at the highest professional level. In fact, I would not hesitate in recommending his services to a close friend or relative should the need arise in the geographic area Michael S. Sherman serves. I endorse this lawyer.”

Willard Hall, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Attorney Sherman is the one to choose if you're looking for a knowledgeable, professional, and competent attorney. He will fight for you when other attorneys would just give up. He's not only competent in the law, but also in the science behind his cases. He has the skills necessary to win your case. I can tell you that I know Mike personally and I would trust him to represent the most important people in my life.”

Jenna Fliszar, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Michael Sherman is an amazing attorney and one that you can trust!!! I would recommend him to anyone that has been charged with a DUI/DAI in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. There are not many attorneys that have the knowledge and expertise that he has and he is well respected in the community because of this. If you have Attorney Sherman on your side when you walk into Court there is no doubt that he will do everything to make sure you get the best result.”

Zachary Cooper, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Sherman is quietly becoming one of the best DUI lawyers in the nation.”

Samuel Encarnacion, Personal Injury Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

James Alexander, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I recently took the Terrance Mccarthy cross examination seminar with Mr. Sherman. Mr. Sherman is an excellent trial attorney and an outstanding member of the National College of DUI Defense. I would definitely recommend Mr. Sherman if a close friend or a family member was charged with a DUI.”

Craig Sturm, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Michael Sherman is a extremely knowledgable and and skillful attorney. Michael's excellent reputation is not only known in Pennsylvania, but extends nationally – a true testament to his dedication and status among attorneys focusing on DUI and Criminal Defense. Without question, if I had a friend or loved one charged with DUI or other criminal offense in Pennsylvania, I would feel confident and reassured to have Michael Sherman representing them. I recommend Michael without reservation.”

Marcos Garza, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Michael is an excellent DUI defense attorney who I would highly recommend to any friend or family member. He is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of the law and the science of DUI and that hard work pays off for his clients. In addition to being a top notch trial lawyer, Michael is also a top notch guy who you or your loved one can trust to handle your most important matters.”

John Barnes, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mike is an excellent DUI defense attorney. Not only does he put the time in to prepare your case properly, he is not afraid of taking on the system either. Mike is right now in the process of taking on a major forensic lab that tests blood in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Because of his thorough knowledge of the science behind blood testing and his knowledge of lab procedure he has exposed major shortcomings in this lab and he is working very hard to see that people that are charged with DUI based on blood testing from this lab will prevail in court. I highly recommend anyone charged with DUI in Southwestern Pennsylvania hire Mike.”

Brian Manchester, Criminal defense Attorney

“Attorney Sherman is one of the state's preeminent DUI attorneys. He is well known among his peers for his knowledge, professionalism and excellent results. I recommend him with no hesitation whatsoever. Mike Sherman is a great attorney.”

Beth Tibbott, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Sherman is an excellent DUI attorney. He has extensive knowledge in DUI/DWI defense and trial strategy. I would highly recommend Attorney Sherman to anyone charged with a DUI/DWI in the Pittsburgh area.”

James Phillips, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mike Sherman is a great DUI lawyer who cares about his clients. You can trust him when he tells what is going to happen with your case. I have seen him give many presentations. He has great command of the DUI subject area and he can cut right to the heart of what is important in any argument to protect your rights. I certainly recommend his work and know that you will be in the best hands for the legal fight ahead you.”

Kimberly Frye, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I highly recommend Attorney Sherman to any citizen accused of DUI in the Pittsburgh area. I have the privilege of being a co-presenter at an upcoming DUI defense seminar with Attorney Sherman. I found Attorney Sherman's knowledge about DUI very impressive during our preparation for the seminar. Additionally, he has taken the time to get the knowledge and training necessary to provided the citizen accused with the highest level of representation.”

Timothy Barrouk, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Michael is a great lawyer who gets equally great results. If a friend or loved one was in need of criminal defense in the area I would not hesitate calling on Michael for help. I know they would be in good hands. So will you.”

Josh Lee, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mike Sherman is a terrific DUI lawyer. He is constantly working at his craft, and the man gets results for his clients. I look forward to my next opportunity to refer a Pennsylvania client to him.”

Michael Kessler, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Christian Lassen, Insurance Attorney

“Mike Sherman is an outstanding lawyer and when it comes to impaired driving cases and other traffic-oriented offenses, Mike's polish and experience shine like few in the PIttsburgh area. Mike's time as an attorney for the PA State Police gives him a unique insider's insight into how to defend cases in a way that others can't readily know. Mike Sherman is an outstanding resource for anyone facing a DUI in his area.”

Todd La Neve, DUI and DWI Attorney

“Mike wrote the book about Pennsylvania DUI and has lectured and taught other attorneys in the area how to better defend people charged with drunk driving. If I got a DUI in Western Pennsylvania, Mike would be the first person I would call.”

Daniel Jaffe

“Attorney Sherman is an attorney who you can trust. You can trust that he will use all of his knowledge, reputation and professional skill to try to minimize or eliminate the potential consequences that a citizen among us faces when he/she has been accused of a crime or wrongdoing by the government. He is known throughout the state for his high level of advocacy.”

Justin McShane, DUI and DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer's work. Mike is an outstanding DUI attorney.”

Joseph Vogrin, Criminal Defense Attorney

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