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We Know The Law

We Wrote the Book On It

You'd be hard pressed to find an attorney in Western PA with greater knowledge of Pennsylvania DUI law than Mike Sherman. It may be a bold statement, but it's backed up by facts. That's because he's the author of Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence: Law and Practice (Bisel Company), the textbook for DUI law in Pennsylvania. The book is relied on by Pennsylvania lawyers who want a better understanding of PA DUI law. When legal details stand between you and an acquittal, you want Mike Sherman, an experienced DUI attorney on your side. When the cops want to throw the book at you, call the guy who wrote the book!

We've Been On Both Sides

Mike Sherman spent 8 years as an Assistant Counsel to the Pennsylvania State Police in Department Headquarters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Part of that time was devoted to prosecuting liquor code violations on behalf of the State Police Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement. No one has a better understanding of the case against you — Mike Sherman knows both sides of PA DUI Law.

We Understand the Science

Mike's time handling cases for the State Police gave him an insider's view of the aspects of a DUI charge. Mike has traveled across the country learning the science surrounding blood and breath testing. Mike truly believes that knowledge is power. In the pursuit of an acquittal, he has the know-how to challenge blood and breath test results. He knows when your case requires an investigator, accident reconstruction expert, or an expert in blood or breath testing to show why you didn't cause the accident that led to your arrest. He's also certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, the same certification held by police officers nationwide.

Our Knowledge is Up To Date

Lawyers graduate, and then they get busy. Maybe some lawyers just get lazy. While continuing legal education is required, what that means to each individual attorney can vary widely. We take continuing education extremely seriously because it's what keeps us relevant to our clients. That's why we seek out some of the most prestigious, hands-on education options available to keep us on top of our game. Mike Sherman is the only attorney in Western Pennsylvania and one of only 4 attorneys in the state to attend a 5-day course at the prestigious Axion Analytical Laboratory in Chicago. There he worked in a lab learning how blood samples are tested and analyzed. Compare Mike Sherman's educational background in Pennsylvania DUI law to that of any other lawyer in Western PA.

If you are facing a serious charge, don't delay. Call PA DUI attorney Mike Sherman right now to set up your free consultation at 412-471-5000.

What is the Mike Sherman Difference?

Mike Sherman has unique experience and knowledge which he uses to protect his clients.
  • Mike Sherman is a former attorney for the Pennsylvania State Police. He knows both sides of the law and uses that knowledge to benefit his clients.
  • Mike Sherman wrote “the” Pennsylvania textbook on Pennsylvania DUI law, Driving Under the Influence Law and Practice.
  • He uses a scientific method to investigate your case. Relying on his deep understanding of forensic science, he picks apart the evidence against you and looks for errors that he can challenge. He then carefully prepares your case with the goal of highlighting these issues and putting you in the best possible position.

If you need a powerful and strong defense of your DUI or Homicide by Vehicle charge, call PA DUI attorney Mike Sherman right now to set up your free consultation at 412-471-5000

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