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You're In a Difficult Situation

Chances are, you've been facing some bad news lately. If you've been arrested for DUI or Homicide by Vehicle, you may be feeling confused, anxious, frustrated, or even ashamed. Well, here's some good news. You're not alone, and we know how to help you.

The best thing you can do right now is take action and begin building your defense. No matter how overwhelming your case may seem today, just get started. Once you have an experienced PA DUI defense attorney on your side, you will feel more clear-headed and confident knowing that you are in good hands.

The Stakes Are High

Freedom is the most valuable thing an individual has. If you are convicted of a crime, your freedom could be at stake. If you're found guilty, you may lose your job or your driver's license, you may lose your professional license, pay hefty fines, or even go to jail. And then there are the intangible losses like damage to your reputation, the inability to provide financially for your family because you lost your job, and the inability to provide transportation for yourself and your family. But despite the charges you face, you may have more rights and defenses than you know. Attorney Mike Sherman will protect those rights.

You're Thinking of Representing Yourself

As a citizen without expertise in law or experience in the system, what you don't know can hurt you, and you don't know all the things that can help you. While representing yourself has the lowest sticker price, it has the highest risk. The fees for effective representation pale compared to the cost of a full conviction.

When you're facing a DUI charge, you can turn your situation around and get things back to normal. You want to give it your best shot. So consider Mike Sherman's 34 years of courtroom experience, knowledge of DUI law, and no-holds-barred approach.

If you are facing a serious charge, don't delay. Call PA DUI lawyer Mike Sherman right now to set up your free consultation at 412-471-5000.

What is the Mike Sherman Difference?

Mike Sherman has unique experience and knowledge which he uses to protect his clients.
  • Mike Sherman is a former attorney for the Pennsylvania State Police. He knows both sides of the law and uses that knowledge to benefit his clients.
  • Mike Sherman wrote “the” Pennsylvania textbook on Pennsylvania DUI law, Driving Under the Influence Law and Practice.
  • He uses a scientific method to investigate your case. Relying on his deep understanding of forensic science, he picks apart the evidence against you and looks for errors that he can challenge. He then carefully prepares your case with the goal of highlighting these issues and putting you in the best possible position.

If you are facing a serious DUI or Homicide by Vehicle charge, don't delay. Call now to set up your free consultation at 412-471-5000

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