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Why ARD is not an Option for CDL Drivers Charged with a DUI in PA

Posted by Mike Sherman | Oct 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

CDL Drivers Charged with DUIAccelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) is a special pre-trial intervention program in Pennsylvania. It is much like probation and is an option for some first time DUI offenders. For normal drivers, it saves them from the possibility of jail, suspension of their license, and a criminal record. However, the rules are different for CDL drivers.

For CDL drivers charged with a DUI, taking the ARD option will still result in suspension of their commercial license!

I said that in big, bold letters because I want to make it absolutely clear. ARD is not the right option for CDL drivers. Many lawyers misguide clients into opting for ARD because it means less work for them. It means they don't have to go to trial. For you, however, that means the end of the road because you will still be unable to work for one year. Think about how hard it will be to get work with a DUI on your CDL driving record.

Simply put, CDL cases are much more complex and delicate than DUIs for average citizens. For truck drivers, your livelihood is on the line.

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