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Things Lawyers say that should make you RUN: If you don’t hire me you will go to Jail!

Posted by Mike Sherman | Nov 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

Things Lawyers say that should make you RUN: If you don't hire me you will go to Jail!There are a lot of attorneys out there. It can be very confusing when choosing a lawyer to defend your DUI case. This is an important choice so you should take your time to make an educated decision.

Some of the lawyers you will come across have obvious red flags which should cause you to RUN. Unfortunately, most clients don't know they are paying for a bad attorney until it is too late. At that point, there is normally significant damage done to their case. In this series, we will highlight 10 things you will probably hear from attorneys that should make you RUN.

Previously we have covered:

  1. “I'm the best DUI lawyer! I'm an expert. Just look at all of my awards!”

Today's post is:

“If you don't hire me you will go to jail!”

Lawyers use scare tactics all the time. They scare a client with scenarios that are probably impossible just to get them to open their wallets. This is sleazy.

Yes, there are possible jail sentences for some DUI cases, but a lawyer can only know what you are facing once they investigate your case. Not everyone is facing jail. If this is one of the first things that comes out of an attorney's mouth then RUN.

A good DUI lawyer will walk you through the penalty scenarios and give you realistic expectations. They will investigate your case and see what the possibilities are. Then they will give you an idea of how the case can proceed.

The focus on the conversation should be on strategy and on what the attorney wants to do for you. You should be talking about experience and knowledge and not scare tactics.

If you would like to speak to a professional, widely respected attorney, please call Attorney Mike Sherman at 412-471-5000. He will walk you through the possible scenarios so you can make an informed and educated decision. Those decisions are much better than rushed decisions made out of fear, aren't they?

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