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Important Information for CDL Drivers Charged with DUI

Posted by Mike Sherman | Nov 01, 2018 | 0 Comments

CDL Drivers Charged with DUIFor many people, a license suspension is a major inconvenience. For CDL drivers, it could spell the end of their career.

CDL drivers face stricter penalties for a DUI in Pennsylvania, even if the incident happened in a personal, non commercial vehicle. The main thing to remember is that a DUI conviction will result in a one year suspension of your commercial license. A second DUI will result in a lifetime ban.

Keep in mind, that is a one year ban on paper. In reality, many companies refuse to hire drivers who have a DUI on their record. Many Pittsburgh area drivers simply could not find work after a first offense and were forced to give up their trucking careers altogether.

Another important point to remember is that signing up for an ARD will not stop your CDL suspension. A lot of lawyers push drivers to take this easy way out without explaining the consequences. For them, it means less work. For you it means the end of the road.

Take a look at what you make in a year. That is at least what you will be losing. If you can't afford to lose your job and your license, call 412-471-5000 to speak with Attorney Mike Sherman. He has extensive experience in handling DUI cases for CDL drivers. Many drivers have trusted him in the past and were able to continue their careers because of his hard work. The call is free but may save you a lifetime's worth of regret.

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