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Bob Recommends Mike Sherman

“I am a professor at a local university and when one of my kids was arrested for a DUI I did not know who to turn to because I was not prepared for (or expecting) such a situation. I did a search and was really impressed with Mike Sherman's experience on “both sides” of the court system – as a state police attorney and as a defense attorney. I also thought that it was great that he was a co-author of the “PA Driving Under the Influence” book. When I spoke with Mike I was pleasantly surprised that he even understood how chromatographs used for blood alcohol content measurements worked and were calibrated. When we met it was clear to me that we made a good decision – Mike was on time for our meeting, he knew exactly what was going on with respect to the charges, he walked us through all of the possible scenarios, and he objectively gave advice on all the options that we had. Throughout the process Mike returned calls and emails and answered all of my questions concerning times and dates, fines and fees, penalties and what to expect at the hearings that were coming up. He was able to vigorously defend my child while at the same time making it clear that driving under the influence had very serious consequences.

As we went through the various hearings and meetings it was obvious that Mike was respected by the prosecutors and judges, and that he was respectful to them even when arguing the various aspects of the case in the courtroom. In our case, after Mike carefully questioned the officer, it was clear to my family and Mike that some of the physical evidence associated with my child's arrest was not in agreement with that testimony, so I quickly agreed with Mike that we should appeal the ruling. I actually read the documents and arguments and saw the numerous citations to supporting cases in the appeal documents; again Mike did a great job. Unfortunately, we had another DUI incident occur during this process, and Mike was able to calmly and rationally walk us through the consequences. I had never even heard of DUI court, but Mike was able to explain what it was and plainly explain to my child what was required in their behavior for an Allegheny County resident to become and remain eligible for this option.

During this entire time, I have found Mike to be a mature, intelligent, resourceful, good-hearted, well respected lawyer. He is easy to talk to, he is capable of clearly explaining how the judicial system works, his fees are very fair, and he even responds well to email questions! He has been a great advocate, and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him to you for yourself or a family member that you may be trying to help.”

– Bob

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