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“I was arrested for a 3rd DUI within 10 years. I met with a couple of attorneys before I decided to hire Mike Sherman. I was looking at a 1 year prison term mandatory under the minimum sentencing guidelines for PA. I own several businesses and I knew my life would be over if I had to serve a prison term. Everything I worked for would be destroyed. I explained to Mike my concerns and he was very understanding. I actually served 3 months in jail for my 2nd DUI, so I was almost certain this DUI would also be a jail sentence. Mike was able to negotiate house arrest for a year with working privileges instead of a prison term. Under the circumstances, this was the best possible scenario for me. I am glad I hired Mike as my attorney as I saw firsthand that others that got arrested for a 3rd DUI were actually serving prison sentences. I am serving my house arrest now and I will always be grateful to Mike for helping me out of this disaster. If you are arrested for a DUI, do not take a chance with any attorney. I would recommend at least talking to Mike before you decided on which attorney to hire.”

– A Satisfied Client

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