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“I contacted Michael about 10 months ago after researching hundreds of lawyers as my case was unique and I knew I needed the best. My case was almost 14 yrs old. I was accused of a DUI and several other misdemeanor charges that I felt were not legitimate.

For years I was scared, confused and lost as to what steps to take next to resolve a pending case . Im a business man in the community and could not have this become an issue that could affect my job or even worse end with jail time, loss of driving privileges, fines, embarrassment and the list goes on.

I called Michael and he immediately dropped what he was doing and made time for me to come down and see him. He saw that I was an emotional wreck and proceeded to calm me down and help me understand the process even before we discussed the details of the case. After getting all pertinent information from me he said “just let me handle it and go on with your life, I will contact you soon”. I did. Shortly after I was contacted by Michael telling me exactly what needed to be done and how we should proceed. Even after that call he made a prior lawyer I hired look as if he never practiced law. I needed a lawyer that will fight for my liberties and excel with a challenge…this 100% was Attorney Sherman!

After a few hearings Mike got my case to be completely dismissed…yes a dismissal of a 14yo case!!! His vast knowledge was so compelling that the court couldnt even argue and they knew if they did they would lose at trial. In the end I had No jail, none, no penalties of any kind and most importantly his team follows through to help with the expungement process. Thanks Michael for being the ultimate professional and getting the absolute best results. I would without hesitation recommend your services to anyone who finds themselves in the place I was in. If you're reading this review then you have found your lawyer…look no further!!

Thank you!!!!”

– A Satisfied Client

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