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A Satisfied Client Recommends Mike Sherman

“About a year ago, I was charged with my second DUI. As a result, I reached out to Mike Sherman, who had represented me for my first DUI some years before. The first thing I remember Mike telling me was “Even good people can make mistakes. We will take care of you and stay positive!”

The stakes for a second DUI are very high. I would advise anyone who find themselves in that situation, or even a first offense, to reach out to Mike and his team right away. Don't wait!

Because it was my second offense, I faced 30 days house arrest, a one year driving license suspension and almost certain loss of my job. My whole quality of life was at stake. After discussing my specific circumstances with Mike, he recognized that I was in trouble, however, assured me that he would do everything within his ability and within the law to fight for me without ever giving me any false hope.

Mike knows the law inside and out. That is without question. I would encourage anyone in a situation described above to consult with Mike Sherman. Most importantly, and no matter how bad the situation is, you must maintain a positive attitude.

Over the last 12 months, I used what could have been a negative life changing situation into a positive one, and a lot of that is because of Mike Sherman's & Mike McFarland's counsel and support.”

– A Satisfied Client

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