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Pennsylvania Is About to Have Felony DUI Offenses. What Can You Do If You Are Charged With a Felony?

November 29, 2018

Pennsylvania Is About to Have Felony DUI Offenses. What Can You Do If You Are Charged With a Felony?Senate Bill 961 is on Governor Tom Wolfe’s desk waiting for his signature. When the bill goes into effect, all 3rd and 4th offense DUI’s will become FELONY offenses! This will be the first time in Pennsylvania history that the state will have felony DUI offenses.

What happens if you get convicted of a felony? Some of the many consequences of a felony conviction are:

  • You can’t own or possess a gun
  • You can’t go hunting
  • You can’t vote
  • You can’t travel to Canada and many other foreign countries
  • You can’t work at a school for 10 years
  • You will be terminated from state employment
  • You must notify the professional licensing board

Additionally, good luck getting a job or keeping your job with a felony conviction. While a felony conviction will not automatically disqualify you from some jobs, who do you think will get hired? The person with the felony conviction or the person who does not have a felony conviction?

Keep in mind that a felony conviction is in addition to mandatory jail time and license suspension.

These are serious consequences that can change the rest of your life. The best thing you can do right now is get a professional, experienced DUI attorney on your side. Former Pennsylvania State Police Attorney Mike Sherman and his team will do all they can to preserve your rights. Start getting your defense together today by calling 412-204-4138.

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