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Nicole Recommends Mike Sherman

“I highly recommend Attorney Mike Sherman. I was charged with DUI and originally hired a different attorney. My first attorney tried to convince me to simply plead guilty even though I had told her from the beginning that I refused to do that and I wanted (and paid) to go to trial. I ended up firing her on the day of the scheduled trial, since she was not prepared and was still trying to get me to accept a plea. That is when I found Attorney Sherman. I called him in a complete panic and he instantly gained my trust and set my mind at ease. I actually hired him over our first phone conversation. My case was already almost 3 years old at that point with no results, only constant postponements. Attorney Sherman had very little time to prepare before my next court date. He was extremely thorough and paid attention to small details of my case which had been overlooked by everyone previously involved in my case. As it turned out, those small details Attorney Sherman focused on were the key to the truth of my situation. Attorney Sherman ultimately won my case without us even having to go to trial! My nightmare of over 3 years was finally over thanks to Attorney Sherman. He did all of the work in just a couple short months. I honestly cannot thank him or recommend him enough. He is an outstanding attorney, whom you can trust completely to handle your case thoroughly with confidence, excellence & utmost respect for the client. I absolutely, confidently, recommend hiring Attorney Mike Sherman for your case.”

– Nicole

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