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ED Recommends Mike Sherman

“I was facing my 3rd DUI. I was at risk of losing my job, my house and my whole world. I found Attorney Mike Sherman online and arranged to meet with him to discuss the details of my predicament. From the very beginning, Attorney Sherman was very understanding. He was not judgmental, and was very welcoming and kind. He walked me through, step by step, as he prepared my case. Even though this was my third DUI he did not pass judgment on me.

I was charged in July 2010. The DA's office kept continuing my case month after month, hoping to frustrate and discourage us from fighting the charges. Attorney Sherman never fell for their tricks and saw my case through to the end. It was not until October 2012, that it all came to an end. During these two years we went to court several times, Mike also appeared on my behalf a few times. (He understands you have to work, if you don't need to be there he will let you know).

His expertise, experience and background of the DUI Laws and court system is second to none. He believed in me and he believed in my case. He investigated every possible avenue before deciding on a strategy to challenge my DUI charge. Mike attained an expert witness and the evidence to prove the inaccurate procedures/ problems with the testing devices used by the crime lab in testing my blood sample. As a result, my case ended in a Nolle Prosse (an admission that the charges cannot be proved, that evidence has demonstrated either innocence or a fatal flaw in the prosecution's claim).

Mike's skills, ability, knowledge and experience are exceptional. After all he used to work for the other side as an attorney for the PA State Police. These qualities combined with his efforts to do his very best for his client gave me the best representation I could possibly have had. He is highly skilled and comfortable presenting/explaining the facts and evidence in the courtroom. He was always organized, prepared and never once became unsettled by the DA's remarks. If anything, the DA appeared apprehensive by Attorney Sherman's expertise and calm, yet confident demeanor. As evidenced by the DA's petition for Nolle prosse.

My previous experiences with lawyers and the court system have been less then favorable. I've always been encouraged to take the plea offer but that wasn't the case with Mike. He encouraged me to fight the charges and in the end we won. My charges were dismissed.

Hiring Attorney Mike Sherman was the best decision I could have made. I recommend his services to everyone and encourage you to listen and take his advice. It's the best out there.”

– ED

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