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“When my husband was charged with a 3rd tier DUI last year, needless to say, we were in complete turmoil. My husband's work requires him to maintain a CDL and the notion of losing it and potentially his job was overwhelming. Everything he had worked so long and hard for was at risk. I made appointments with several lawyers and started researching as much as I could on each of them. Michael's credentials were so impressive he stood apart from all the rest, and frankly, I was ready to hire him before the interview. Our meeting with Michael came last and there was no comparison. The other lawyers advised us that ARD and sacrificing the CDL was the best option while Michael immediately started reviewing the police report looking for ways to defend my husband. We were so impressed with his strategy and the way he proceeded to pick apart the details of the arrest…he wanted to fight and we felt confident we had found the right attorney!

I am thrilled to say Michael resolved the case with no DUI charge at all! Michael's expertise in DUI defense coupled with his professionalism is why my husband is free of this nightmare.”

– A Satisfied Client

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