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“As I received a letter in a mail from Michael Sherman after my DUI arrest. Lost and confused on where to start with my hearing coming up, so I eventually decided to give him a last minute call (in tears), as I was in the neighborhood. Three minutes later, I am in his office, face to face with him, discussing the outcomes of my case. I thought it was incredibly sincere with how he invited to me his office on a whim like that. I mean, hardly anyone is courteous like that anymore these days. Believe it or not, he listened to me earnestly without any judgment, for I was very embarrassed about my case. Not only was I highly impressed with his professionalism and his knowledgable skill as DUI attorney, but more so with his considered opinion on how he predicted my case would turn out if I didn't hire him. As convincing as he sounded, right then and there, I automatically wanted to hire him as he had also given me a very reasonable quote considering my circumstances in life at the moment, but unfortunately, I still couldn't come up with the funds. Anyways, guess what!!!! Mr. Sherman was 110% correct in his predictions of the ending results of my case. Boy, did I sure wish he had represented me. In other words, even though I didn't hire him, he does without a doubt know his stuff unquestionably well and I definitely recommend Mr. Sherman, if you have the money. I can guarantee, it would be money well spent, since it is your life in the end after all. However, by the grace of God, the cop who arrested me, eventually dropped two of my charges (they weren't good ones) when I wanted to go trail to counter his claim of lies and I was just lucky to get stuck with a DUI of a lessor charge. Phew!!!”

– A Satisfied Client

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