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A Satisfied Client Recommends Mike Sherman

“I am a former client of Michael Sherman and I would highly recommend this man.

First off, I had a DUI charge that I knew to be false and I wanted to fight it. Before arriving at Mr. Sherman's office I had visited and spoke with a few other lawyers. Mr. Sherman was the only one that truly listened to my testimony and recommended for me to challenge the charges and take it to court. Every other lawyer told me that I could get house arrest which in no way was what I was looking for. To be frank, I had a very long and challenging case. Mike was always there to answer my questions (I had alot) and also was polite and answered questions that my parents had as well. My case went on for almost a year and a half and I have to admit I started losing faith. Mr. Sherman was there to pick me up when I was down and continued to remind me what I was fighting for. Without his knowledge and enthusiasm I might have taken a plea deal. I was facing 6 months of house arrest and a loss of my license for 18th months. When my case finally went in front of the judge I was blown away with Mike's knowledge. He is an unbelievable trail lawyer. After a year and half and countless trips to the court room Mike got all of my charges dismissed on account that I was not in physical control of the vehicle. If you are in a tight spot and want an attorney that truly has your best interest and will fight for you Mr. Sherman is the lawyer for you.”

– A Satisfied Client

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