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We Understand

If you’ve been charged with a DUI-related offense, you may be feeling confused, anxious, or even ashamed. You’re not alone. Mike Sherman has represented hundreds of people facing similar situations. We understand that a DUI arrest doesn’t mean you have a drinking problem, and that you may not have even been drunk. It can happen to anyone. We’re here to help you make the best of your situation and get things back to normal.

We Know the Law

Mike Sherman knows PA DUI law. He’s been a courtroom lawyer for over 30 years and writes the leading textbook on PA DUI law. He spent years on the other side, as an attorney for the PA State Police. Mike gives seminars, teaching other attorneys how to defend DUI cases. Compare his education on the subject with that of any other lawyer in Western Pennsylvania. When you hire Mike Sherman’s law firm, you’ll have the peace of mind that your case is being handled by an attorney highly educated in DUI law.

We Know the Science

DUI is based on science. So, if you have a lawyer that doesn’t understand the science, they are not going to know how to either use it to fight the case or to fight the science being used against you.

We Tackle DUI Problems

Nearly 100% of our firm’s cases are related to DUI. We aim for acquittals, and when a total defense isn’t possible, we work to reduce the charges against you and minimize the negative impact on your life. Mike Sherman has the expertise to handle every detail of your case the right way, even if it requires the input of expert witnesses. His services are so effective that even other lawyers recommend him!

We’re Right There With You

You won’t feel alone with Mike Sherman on your case. He’ll help you understand the process, the possibilities, and what to expect. He will be dedicated to your case and stand right with you in the courtroom. And he will fight for your best interests from start to finish, giving you the best shot at a positive outcome.

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