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You’re probably here looking for real-life examples of cases we’ve handled. If you’re shopping around, you’ve probably seen them on other lawyers’ sites. At Mike Sherman Law, out of respect for our clients, potential jurors, prosecutors, Judges, and the community as a whole, we do not advertise case results.

We’d like for you to understand why.

  • Past case results do not provide a fair indicator of how your own case will play out.
  • Descriptions of cases on lawyers’ websites are often misleading and leave out important details. For example, a lawyer can win a case when a key witness fails to show up for Court. That “win” is not a result of the lawyer’s skill.
  • Jurors in a case may look up the attorney’s web site. Jurors, who devote their valuable time and service, can feel insulted or manipulated in response to a lawyer’s claims that he snowed them and got a client off.
  • Judges do not want to see their written opinions or verdicts in bench trials, especially those dismissing cases, plastered on lawyers’ websites.
  • Prosecutors will not do any favors for a lawyer who is likely to use case results as a form of advertising on his website. No prosecutor wants to see his case being used on a web site as an example of a person getting lesser charges.

At Mike Sherman Law, we have great respect for jurors and Judges, as well as for their opinions. We believe the results of specific cases should be kept as confidential as possible, and should not be used for personal gain after the fact. Mike Sherman is very open about privately sharing our record with any potential client who wants such information. To request details and learn about genuine options for your own case, call today for your free strategy session right over the phone.

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