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The penalties for a DUI violation are based on a person’s blood alcohol content level (BAC) and the number of prior offenses that person has. Pennsylvania has a tiered system of penalties. That means that higher BAC’s and more prior offenses result in increasingly severe penalties. Refusing a chemical test may also lead to greater penalties. A DUI conviction may not only result in jail time, but license suspension and increased insurance rates. Click here to see a detailed chart of Pennsylvania DUI penalties, including license suspensions.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has created a list of the minimum levels of controlled substances and metabolites thereof that are be considered to be unlawful. These levels are VERY low. Click here to see the Department of Health’s list of “Minimum Levels of Controlled Substances or Their Metabolites in Blood to Establish Presence of Controlled Substance”.

The penalties for a DUI conviction are severe! Call Mike Sherman today for a Free Consultation to discuss your DUI case and how these penalties can be reduced.

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