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Considering Other Attorneys

Every lawyer has something to offer. Some boast low fees and easy payment plans. Others offer an exceptional reputation and skills to match. It’s rare that you will find both in the same lawyer. In the end, the most important criterion for choosing a lawyer to represent you is trust – you must trust them!

Before you hire a DUI defense lawyer, compare our qualifications.

What’s Wrong with a Bargain?

Law firms who advertise basic flat fees, saying things like, “We’ll do everything for $800.00,” may not put any thought into what it takes to handle your particular case. A law firm cannot get to know your case for $800.00, and they won’t be able to defend you properly. These lawyers may operate on volume and often take lots of cases in all areas of the law. Because they have so many cases, don’t be surprised if they do not have time to return your calls, think creatively about your case, study the law and science surrounding DUI defense or research potential legal challenges.

They Come Up Before You In the Yellow Pages

We have made an informed choice not to advertise in the yellow pages. Clients sometimes assume that the firm with the largest yellow-page ads will have the greatest resources. In fact, many of those firms are forced to charge higher rates and take on a high volume of cases just to support their advertising budgets.

We have also chosen not to advertise on websites where you can also hire a painter or mover, or even buy a car. These sites do not project the professionalism a client should expect from a DUI defense lawyer. They are simply not the place to find a qualified attorney.

Quality Over Quantity

Always be wary of the inexperienced attorney passing himself off as a “DUI expert.” Many lawyers will tell you that they have handled thousands of DUI cases. While McDonald’s can boast about serving staggering numbers of people, lawyers should not! The lawyers handling that many cases rarely have the time it takes to focus on the important aspects of each case. Their practices are built on volume. Also, be sure to ask any lawyer you consider hiring how long they’ve been practicing and what makes them particularly qualified to handle your DUI case.

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