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Blood test trial

Client was arrested by a police officer known for making a lot of DUI arrests. The officer claimed that our client was driving poorly and failed field sobriety testing. A blood test was performed and the result was .125%. Our client was a plant manager for many years. He lived over 20 miles from the plant. If he was convicted of DUI, he would have gone to jail and lost his job and his pension – with a suspended license, he would not be able to get to work so he would have been fired.

At trial, we hired a forensic chemist to prove that the blood test results were unreliable. During trial, the defense showed one analyst signed off on work that was actually performed by a different analyst. That is outright fraud that would never have seen the light of day if we did not hire an expert and review all of the lab records involved in the case.

The result: Not guilty on all charges!

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