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Are you a CDL driver who has been charged with using a mobile phone while driving? Are you charged with a texting violation?

November 29, 2018

Are you a CDL driver who has been charged with using a mobile phone while driving? Are you charged with a texting violation?Attorney Mike Sherman is a former Pennsylvania State Police Attorney who can make a difference in these cases.

When you are a CDL driver, any mistake you make on the road becomes a serious problem. For a normal driver, it’s okay to use a cell phone while driving. A texting violation is straightforward – you pay a fine. For a CDL driver, a violation for using a cell phone or a texting while driving may end up in you getting suspended/disqualified and losing your job if you were caught in your commercial vehicle.

Using a handheld mobile phone while driving a commercial vehicle is a serious traffic offense (STO) in Pennsylvania. So is texting while driving a commercial vehicle. Depending on your driving history, being found guilty of one of these offenses may result in a suspension of your CDL. If you are convicted of both offenses or two STO’s within a three year peiod, your CDL will be suspended for 60 days. Imagine having to tell your company that you can’t drive for 2 months. Do you think they will sit around and wait for you or hire someone else?

This is why you need to take texting violations or use of handheld device violations very seriously and get professional legal help. Attorney Mike Sherman has been helping truck drivers for years and has successfully helped many of them reduce their fines, reduce their charges, and keep them on road.

Right now, the best thing you can do is call Attorney Sherman at 412-204-4138 and take advantage of his free consultation.

Remember, CDL drivers who can’t afford to lose their license – Hire former Pennsylvania State Police Mike Sherman

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