Accused of Driving Under Suspension?

You may be able to fight the charge!

When you get a suspension for a DUI offense, your license becomes DUI suspended and remains DUI suspended until you get your license restored. Even if you are serving a suspension for a non-DUI related offense when you get your DUI, once you get a DUI suspension you are considered “DUI Suspended”. That means every time you are caught driving on a suspended license, you are considered “DUI Suspended” even if your DUI suspension didn’t start.

The penalties for driving on a DUI suspension are sometime more severe than the actual DUI offense. Driving on a DUI suspended license carries a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of 60 days. If it is your third driving on a DUI suspension offense, you are looking at a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment of not less than 2 years! In addition to jail time, driving on a DUI suspension carries an additional license suspension of at least one year and possibly longer if you have prior DUI suspension convictions.

Don’t just plead guilty and get ready to go to jail. Call Mike Sherman who is ready to thoroughly analyze your case and tell you what defenses are available.