DUI Testing in Pennsylvania

The Truth Should Set You Free

If you get pulled over, the officer will probably ask you to get out of the car and do some coordination exercises. Field sobriety tests are tough, and they’re the first step in the DUI testing process. You don’t get to practice, and if you are overweight, you don’t stand a chance. But you know how much you drank and feel that you should pass.

The next thing you know, you are getting handcuffed and taken for a blood test. While you are extremely nervous and anxious, you start to feel confident because you think the blood alcohol test will prove you’re not impaired. You feel the blood result will be the absolute truth and the truth will set you free. The problem is that forensic blood testing, if not done properly, is fraught with error.

DUI Testing is a Flawed Process

It is scary the number of laboratory scandals that are being brought to the attention of the public. As more attorneys are becoming educated about the science surrounding the testing of alcohol and drugs, the labs are no longer being given a “free pass.” Some labs are committing fraud during the testing process. Other labs are just lazy or have no idea of what should be involved in modern forensic DUI testing.

It is our opinion, based on a review of the procedures and maintenance history at the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s lab, that the Pennsylvania DUI testing process is severely flawed. At risk are innocent people who may be convicted of DUI charges based on testing procedures at the lab that do not produce reliable results. I’ve even seen it happen. In several of my cases, a chemist who is a nationally known laboratory auditor uncovered serious operational flaws in two specific cases involving the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office.

You have options for DUI Defense

There are lots of ways to fight DUI cases, but you have to hire an expert who is trained and educated about forensic laboratories and all kinds of DUI testing. It may be true that the truth will set you free, but you’ll need help building your case.  If you want to talk to an attorney who can look into the science being used against you, give former PA State Police attorney Mike Sherman Law a call. At Mike Sherman Law, we understand laboratory testing, we take DUI defense seriously, and we care what happens in your case.

A DUI Stop can happen to anyone

The scene is all too familiar: you go out for a couple of drinks. Maybe you stopped on the way home from work to celebrate closing that big business deal. Maybe you were at a wedding where you only had a couple of drinks so your spouse or date could drink. Maybe you went “out on the town” with your buddies but you really didn’t drink much because you were the designated driver.

You even stopped for pizza before getting on the road just so enough time passed before you got behind the wheel. You felt fine. You started driving and were driving fine. But it’s 2:00 a.m. on a Friday, so you are a moving target. All of a sudden the lights go on and you find yourself getting pulled over by the police.

You think to yourself, “what did I do wrong? I know I’m not drunk. I feel fine.” The officer comes up to your window and asks, “How much have you been drinking?” You tell him the truth. The officer is on a roving DUI patrol and he’s out hunting DUI drivers, and he says, “Really, how much have you had to drink?” You’re feeling helpless, confused, overwhelmed, and frightened.

PA DUI Defense

When you’re in a dui stop situation, the best thing you can do is get someone on your side who knows all about PA DUI law. Court cases are scary and complicated, and you don’t have to rely on your own knowledge and resources to build a great DUI defense. For a free consultation about your case, and to find out what options you have now, call former PA State Police attorney Mike Sherman. At Mike Sherman Law, we deal with DUI charges every single day, and we go to court to fight for our clients.